Back To Chest Concept For Throwing

  • Focus on the rotation of your own body.
  • Don’t worry about the height of your opponent just keep a good frame.

When you are learning judo, things can get overwhelming very fast. Here is a very simple concept that I use when I’m exhausted during training. Whenever I feel like I can’t get to that ideal position or grip, I just ask myself this question; “Can I get my back to my opponents chest”, if the answer is yes then I go for the throw. If the answer is no, then I keep working to gain position.


If I can follow these 3 simple things;

  1. Control the grips
  2. Get my back to my opponents chest
  3. Get my back to the floor

If I can do those three things in that order I should be able to throw my opponent. I may not be able to throw them for ippon or even for a score but it should lead to a quality attack. Sometimes all you need to win a match is a few quality attacks.



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