Double Tap Foot Sweep

The idea is to be offensive without scoring. Use this technique with the idea of setting up your bigger throws. If all you get is a stumble or get them to move in the right direction you should view it as a success.

Here is a great technique taught by US #1 Jack Hatton. The Double Tap Foot Sweep works great on both same side and opposite athletes. This can be a great way to gain reactions from your opponents. Jack, being a left handed athlete, does an excellent job showcasing this technique against an opposite sided athlete. Here are a couple of key things to notice when Jack is teaching:

1) He does this from the double collar grip

2) He doesn’t sweep the front leg at first, he steps to gain the reaction, then he sweeps

3) Make sure you step up close to your opponent and sweep out both legs

When drilling this technique, make sure you focus on the timing of the movement and not how hard you can kick your training partner. It’s important that you have a partner who works with you. They have to be willing to get thrown in order for this to work.


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