The wait is almost over! I have been working on building a platform for grapplers and fighters to have access to strength and conditioning programs that are focused on the development of grapplers. Over the years of my grappling career, I have witnessed and spoken to a lot of people in the strength and conditioning world on the development of grapplers.

FUJI Fit will give the community of grapplers and fighters a platform to exchange workouts, ideas, and opinions on everything related to strength and condition while also having access to the personal workouts I used during my athletic career. I have learned that you need to have a base level of strength before you even start grappling. I have been criticized for years about running hard or complicated warm ups when I teach seminars/clinics. But what I’m doing, in fact, is testing the movement patterns of everyone there so I can decide what fitness skill level the room is at. This way, I can give them real advice on how they can improve their games rather than taking the simplistic  approach of saying “this is what I’m teaching so deal with it.”

It is my philosophy that all grapplers should give back to the community and every generation should add something to the “grappling pot” to make improvements. Here is something I think I can help everyone in.  My goal for FUJI Fit’s platform is that it can bring those two ends together and give everyone a “voice” from asking community questions and giving advice.

We all have to start somewhere when it comes to learning and it’s okay if you don’t know anything. This platform will give everyone a trusted source of knowledge when it comes to how grapplers should strength train and the exercises they should be incorporating into their lifts.

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