The Gut Wrench is a move I have used a lot in competitions and during heavy training sessions where tensions are high. Personally, I don’t use this move to pin people although I have pinned a lot of people with it over the years. My main focus for this move is to make the next exchange really uncomfortable for my opponent. This technique makes it very difficult for your opponent to breath, so when they stand back up they will be short of breath giving you a chance to dominate your opponent.  

Some of the key points for this move:

  1. Reach as far through as you can! Don’t stop once your hand pokes through.
  2. Get a solid grip on the gi. I see a lot of people get weak grips on the gi which makes your pull weaker.
  3. You want to make sure it’s tight before you start to move your opponent

After that, it’s straight forward. Remember pinning people is just a bonus, my real goal is to make them as uncomfortable as possible.

If you didn’t notice I’m wear a special gi just for coaching in! It has a special liner in it that feels like a rash guard! It’s ideal for coaching in click on the image to purchase the gi.


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