Koshi Garuma To Ouchi Gari

Commitment to the forward throw is key

Angie Delgado is the #1 ranked athlete in the United States in Judo. She currently outranks all other male and female athletes! She also competed at the 2016 Olympics and represented the United States in the 52kg category.

Angie is going over one of her favorite combinations in this video. Pay attention to the details! This technique requires a real commitment from both players. Angie has to really sell and attempt to the first throw (Koshi Garuma) and her partner Adonis (also #1 ranked US athlete at 60kg) has to give her a real reaction defending the forward throw.

1) Make sure you have a full commitment to your forward throw to get the defensive reaction from UKE.

2) Spin back into UKE getting your head close to theirs. Pay close attention to the side your head is on. Make sure it’s not on the same side as the leg you are reaping.

3) Sweep the leg. Making sure that you keep your chest pressure on UKE.

4) Make sure you land smoothing keeping chest contact the whole time.

It’s important to have a strong arsenal of combination throws when doing judo. A lot of the time our opponents know what move is coming and we have to do a good job of using misdirections to get scores. Angie, in this case, does a good job of misdirecting Adonis into thinking she is going only in a forward direction. So UKE (Adonis) plays a strong defense to the move allowing Angie to score with her backward technique.


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