Uchimata Step

  • As long as you’re on balance you’re okay
  • It’s okay to make small adjustments to throws as long as you don’t change the main principles of the techniques

Uchimata is the ultimate throw when it comes to judo and it’s probably the hardest one to master. There are so many details and parts to this throw that have to go right in order for you to pull off such a spectacular throw. Here is one of the minor details to the footwork that I use that really make a difference. I have trouble with the stability in my ankles especially after having so many issues and injuries. This turn of my foot as really helped me in international competitions. It allows me to get everything turned into the throw with a little bit more power then my toes pointed forward would allow.  Even if I’m not able to throw because I have extra room to turn it makes it a lot more difficult for my opponents to counter. For a lot of athletes, we have to make small changes to the basics due to how our body works. This one small change really made a HUGE difference. 


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